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3 Juillet 2016, 19:11pm

Publié par somethingaboutmarie

Here is my page for sketch #207 @Sketches In Thyme.

The gorgeous sketch is by Jenessa Franco.


I am featuring the beautiful digital collection 'Hot Righ Now' from

Claudia Van R Designs that was so lucky to win.


Voici ma page pour le sketch #207 @Sketches In Thyme.

Le magnifique sketch est de Jenessa Franco.

Je présente la superbe collection digitale 'Hot Right Now' de

Claudia Van R Designs que j'ai eu la chance de gagner.


Chaud ce moment numérique / Digital Scrapbooking pleine Collection


'Hot Right Now'Digital/Printable Full Scrapbooking Collection

Parts of the embellishments I hand cut except for the alphabet and the big titles.

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Brandy Williams 06/07/2016 21:56