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Carte 'Hello Fall'

17 Novembre 2016, 07:57am

Publié par somethingaboutmarie

This is a little card for La Compagnie Des Elphes created with the tampons Automne, tampon tag vide et tampon chevron vide.

I never make cards so this is a first lol ...

I am also featuring one mini flair from the pack 'Pumpkin Season' de Feed Your Craft.


Voici une petite carte pour La Compagnie Des Elphes réalisée avec les tampons Automne, tampon tag vide et tampon chevron vide.

Je ne fais jamais de cartes donc c'est une première lol ...

Je présente également un mini flair du pack 'Pumpkin Season' de Feed Your Craft.


Carte 'Hello Fall'

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Brandy Williams 18/11/2016 16:01

Absolutely beautiful. I love the layers. What a great tag

somethingaboutmarie 20/11/2016 12:53

Thank you so much Brandy!!!!

Petals Daye 17/11/2016 13:45

Hello Hello Marie! I joined overblog so I could leave a message, LOL I couldn't figure it out any other way.
I came to snoop around your Blog and admire all your gorgeous creations. Did I ever tell you that I Blog on Wordpress? I started about 5 years ago. But last year I got so busy at Urban and their blog that I really dropped the ball. I really miss it and will try to get it going again. My Blog there is Boomdeeadda. I'm up early on a rare day off and plan to craft today and indulge in fun things. Cheers my dear Belgium friend! <3 Kelly

somethingaboutmarie 20/11/2016 12:55

Thank you so much Petals!!!! :-))))